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Hanse Seed Corp. was founded in the year 2.000 in order to introduce the valuable varieties of the potato Breeder Saka Pflanzenzucht GmbH, Germany in the United States and Canada. Plant Variety Protection had just been established and the variety Yukon Gold had become already popular in the households of US and Canadian consumers, when directors of Solana AgrarProdukte, Hamburg, the commercial representative of Saka Pflanzenzucht GmbH decided it was time to pay attention to this vast and interesting market.

It did not take long before a group of farmers found out about the advantages of a variety which not only yields much better but also stores well and can be washed after months of storage maintaining a very high packout. The variety is SATINA, which is in the market since 2002 and every year many farmers switch to the this very well tasting variety.

In the past years we have proposed varieties to marketing groups and the acceptance has been very good. Our new varieties not only offer different looks by skin and flesh colors, but also higher resistances to especially Nematodes but also Rhizoctonia S. und Erwinia C. ( blackleg )... read more


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Satina is a yellow flesh, yellow skinned variety which presents an oval to round tuber

Its maturity is medium early which places her in the vicinity of the maturity of the Yukon Gold, may be a couple of days later. SATINA can set quite high and if soil and climate conditions are perfect, she can produce a quite big tuber size, which leads to yields of up to 520 cwt/acre, while 340 cwt/acre is the minimum we have seen in the past 7 years.

SATINA has found a big group of fans between the farmers on the west coast during the first years and in the state of California SATINA advanced even faster as the farmers found out about her excellent resistance to the heat. Florida Farmers got the word and tried it, too and the one who had, stayed with SATINA ever since.

Its popularity grew slow but constantly and although it does not bring the maximum yields in very heavy soils, farmers in Maine, New York state and on P.E.I. are planting SATINA with great success.

The packers and marketers reported also very soon, that SATINA has a great packout even after more than 8 months of storage and the consumers loved the potatoes due to its beautiful presentation and its taste which brings the consumers back to the shelves every time they shop for potatoes.

If you are a grower of table stock potatoes, you are located in the US or Canada and want to try it, please click here and answer our little questionnaire and we will send you next may a small sample of aprox. 5 lb of certified SATINA seeds, so that you can have a look at what we have been writing about in the article.

By the way, why don’t you have a look at the youtube link we have in the production section, there you can see them being harvested.

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