7 Four 7

7 FOUR 7 is a medium early, high yielding and robust table potato with excellent storability, with white flesh and uniform large tubers. No discoloration before or after cooking.


Belmonda high yielding and robust ware potato, main crop, cooking type B with excellent torability. Belmonda shows attractive roundoval tubers with a very uniform grading, shallow eyes, beautiful yellow skin and yellow flesh.


Lilly is a medium early variety with very high marketable yield, cooking type BC and excellent taste. The variety has an attractive skin, attractive dark yellow flesh color as well as a homogeneous grading.


Ludmilla early French fries variety. In this maturity group the only one with the adaptability for cold storing (4°C). Excellent frying color. Also suitable for the production of dehydrated potatoes.


Natascha is an early, high yielding cooking type B ware potato, with excellent taste. The variety has attractive long oval tubers with shallow eyes and super yellow skin- and flesh color.


Peela is a medium early, high yielding, cooking type B variety especially suitable for the peeling market. There it convinces with extreme good result with regard to row discoloration


Prada is a very early high yielding table potato, with a very smooth bright yellow skin and light yellow flesh. Prada is grown in the early potato production areas and mainly marketed straight from the field. Suitable for home-fries production.


Romera is a medium late, cooking type B ware potato with bright red skin. It is high yielding with a high tuber set which makes it an interesting variety for creamers or little potatoes. It produces attractive tubers with deep yellow flesh colour and excellent culinary quality.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne is a benchmark on the table potato market thanks to its exceptionally high yield and optical appearance. Queen Anne is an early, cooking type B, very homogeneous table variety with a bright skin and a very high marketable yield. Despite maturity class early, it has a good storability.


Satina maincrop ware potato, cooking type B. Short oval tubers with smooth skin and yellow flesh colour. Regular, medium to large tuber size, very high yield High drought tolerance and high resistance to second growth. Excellent suitability for the cultivation on sandy soils.

Baby Lou

Baby Lou is an early to medium table variety, suitable for long term storage. It’s a firm tasty cooking salad/little potato with yellow skin and yellow fresh color. It produces a very high number of tubers (ca. 30-50 tubers/plant) It is predestined for the little potato market (40 mm)


Verdi is a maincrop processing variety of outstanding cooking qualities. It can be used for the production of potato crisps and starch. The quality of the crisps is excellent even after longterm storage at 4°C. Resistant against PCN Ro 1,4 and potato wart disease race 1. High tolerance against leaf blight, black leg and internal rust.